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  • Atma Insights helps you understand key global business topics as well as how culture influences the following business and management functions—enhancing the overall effectiveness of global initiatives, affecting profitability, and impacting the bottom line:
    • Global Strategy

    • Business Development

    • Mergers and Acquisitions

    • Sales and Marketing

    • Communications

    • Training Programs

    • Customer Service

    • Operations

    • Human Resources

    • Relocation

  • Atma’s culturally infused knowledge on the world’s major economies enables you to better understand how to operate and succeed in the complex global business arena, enhancing communications, building trust, and improving interactions.
  • Atma Insights is changing the way professionals can access actionable, accurate, and reliable global learning content—making it easier and more affordable.


Atma Insights is a new award-winning, reliable, and engaging proprietary digital streaming service that helps professionals, educators, students, and global enthusiasts explore key international business topics as well as understand how culture impacts a range of business practices and management functions.

Soon to cover 90 percent of the world’s economy, Atma Insights videos:

  • highlight key global business topics,
  • explore the nuances of doing business in countries around the world, and
  • explain how to interact and communicate more effectively with people from different cultures.

See what Atma Insights can do for you:


Our proprietary streaming service enables you to truly see, hear, and experience each country and topic firsthand through extensive and vivid in-country videos, engaging narration, and original role-plays.


Our videos are concise, accurate, and informative. Each video is a short, deep dive into relevant and highly targeted topics designed for educators and students.


Our engaging and reliable videos review key global business topics and address how culture impacts specific global operations including global strategy, business development, mergers and acquisitions, sales and marketing, training programs, customer service, and human resources—enhancing the overall effectiveness of global initiatives and eventually impacting the bottom line.


Choose a monthly or an annual subscription to gain unlimited access to 400+ videos, soon to cover 80 percent of the major global economies.

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ATMA INSIGHTS Approach & Philosophy

The key to our unique approach is the philosophy that learning should be relevant, engaging, and user-friendly. Our proprietary content methodology integrates cross-cultural analysis of the values, attitudes, and beliefs of a society and the impact on business objectives, interactions, and management.

Atma Insights helps you learn faster, learn more, and win globally.

By experiencing cultures, countries, and business practices firsthand through interactive features, learners retain more information and gain a real understanding of conducting business more effectively around the world.

Our videos are concise, accurate, and informative—providing a succinct yet deep dive into relevant and highly targeted topics of carefully curated proprietary content. With these visual learning tools, subscribers can see, hear, and experience each country and topic firsthand through extensive and vivid in-country videos, engaging narration, and original role-plays that enhance user engagement and increase knowledge retention.

Coverage of essential country, culture, and global business topics is organized around relevant themes of business, management, and local culture.

You can browse or search easily by country, region, and topic including business interactions, communications, management practices, negotiations, business ethics, and women in the workplace.

You gain insights by observing role-plays and interacting with the look and feel of a culture, learning through immersion and truly experiencing the local sights, sounds, and customs.

Our editorial process is quality-controlled to ensure accuracy and relevance—ensuring user confidence. The latest business cross-cultural academic theory is integrated seamlessly into our programs.

You’ll understand how to effectively work in today’s complex global environment, benefitting from our approach of honest optimism.

Save time and money with monthly or annual subscription options that provide unlimited access.


Atma Insights is an award-winning product of Atma Global.

Atma Global’s digital learning content on cultures, countries, and global business topics has been used by nearly three million users:

Professionals in diverse industries at more than eighty of the global Fortune 1000

Educators and students at leading universities around the world

Government and NGO professionals functioning in trade, commerce, tourism, foreign services, and general services

Global enthusiasts

Cross-Cultural & Global Business Information You Need:

Intelligent, reliable, and engaging education resources to integrate into learning curriculums for optimal learning solutions.

Our team of seasoned, highly qualified Country, Culture, and Business experts are more than just generalists!

  • At our core competence, we’re country, culture, and global business experts.

  • We’re a recognized leader in the field of global business and cross-cultural learning and have created award-winning products.

  • The members of our content-development teams are seasoned global experts who are as diverse as our rich content. As a group, they are diverse in terms of race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, geographic location, experience, and more.

  • Our highly trained experts are experienced academics, businesspeople, and journalists. They possess advanced degrees in business or the human sciences and have experience working and living around the world.

  • We use an exhaustive process of checks and balances to ensure accuracy, quality, and integrity.

  • Our teams create engaging, unbiased, and accurate material that brings each country and culture to life.

  • Our team of experienced photographers and film editors creates moving visuals that tell the complete story of a country and its people, immersing users in the local sights and sounds.

Recent Awards

A “good immersive tool” that is “easier and more affordable” and “significantly increases productivity. The digital platform is able to bridge the gaps in cross-cultural communication while helping users learn business engagement rules and empathize with people from different regions of the world, all very important for a global business organization.” – American Business Awards, 2020